Now I can't get the IGN Rotor off!

I'm having a great time tearing down my 2000 WR400. I need to replace the counterbalance key and want to replace the cam chain and go with a auto-d cam.

Well, now I can't get the rotor off. The bolt blasted off with a burst of the air wrench easy enough. I'm using the pulller that came with the bike which has a Baja Designs kit installed. I'm torqing the dailights out of it. All I'm accomplishing is mushrooming the threads on the end of the crank and pulling the threads off the 3 screws that thread into the rotor.

I was able to grind the end of the crank a bit tapered so I can get the nut on again, and the threads in the rotor are still okay. So I can give it one more shot with the puller.

I think the guy who did the Baja Kit mangled the key or something cause that "sucka" is tight!

Any suggestions. Can I heat the rotor a bit or will that damage the stator underneath?


they may have loctited it,try some heat but don't get carried away. :D

I had a hell of a time with mine too - just about when I was finished swearing and ready to throw the whole thing in the garbage bin, I gave it one more try, I tightened the small bolts instead of tightening the main centre bolt, and .......BANG, it popped off suddenly - I was pretty happy, had to celebrate with a beer!

I heated it and it popped off with a quick impact blast.

I left the nut on the shaft to clean up the threads when I removed the nut.

Now I need to gigure out how to get the cam chain off.


The chain should slide right out once you remove the cams (you'll want to remove the chain tensioner first though). Then just drop it down and pull it out from the side of the engine case (assuming you also removed the stator backing plate).

Nah, there is a hook on the chain guide I can't seem to clear. I removed the bolts but It's still bound in by the chain guides. I wonder if I should just twist the front guide and yank it out. I wonder if I'm missing something.

Hey, got any advise on putting a new piston and rings in a used ( but good) cylinder. Should I scotchbrite the nicasil to help the new rings seat?


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