Enduro Computer on an 05

Anyone know if the new Computer on the 2006 WR's will work on a 2005 WR without much modification?

Nothing is available yet. Patience grasshopper...SC

I'm wondering this myself.

I'm assuming from looking at the pictures available, that the mechanical drive on the front wheel hub from the 06 should be the same as the 05, 04, and the 03. (Can't foresee a reason why it would be different). This means that the cable and the hubs should match up with no issues.

What will be a challenge, is where to hook up the electrical to run the LCD screen on the computer. Another challenge might be how they psychically mounted the computer to the top triple clamp. I have a feeling that the top triple clamp will have some extra mounting hole in it.

I bet the drive gear is actually a magnet like the "trail tech" and the, KTM exc computor. I will also make a guess that it uses it's own power source (an internal battery)! :D I hope that I am wrong :D

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