got the data, now what rear spring

OK, I am 210LB w/o gear, my 05 WR450 1.1" sag bike weight only, 5.5" TOTAL sag or 4.4" from bike weight to my weight sag.

Feels pretty good as is to me, but I have been out of dirt riding 20 years and have no baseline. I "think" I want to dial in more preload, but want to know if I am wasting my time. The terrain I want to dial in for has few big jumps, mostly large whoops in pairs and also need to loft front to keep spped up and let rear take impact with throttle on. I have bottomed a couple times, but some say that is good if not excessive. I don't know if I am explaining anything usefull. If I need a new spring, what is good bang for the buck, I don't have to have 10% better for 50% more jack


If it feels ok, ride with it. It takes time to feel just what you want to change with suspension.

Yes, a chart could probably tell you the exact spring, but that means little unless you like it.

In time you will be able to recognise all the flaws a motorcycle has. Dont try to look for them beforehand. I could have saved myself tons of money if I had known this all along!

check out the race tech site

The best thing you could EVER do to your bike is get the suspension set up correctly.

Talk to a tuner, pay the money and ride away thinking how crap the standard set up was.

It may not be cheap, but it is the best.

I'm in the 215# range and I put a RaceTech 5.8 on mine and it was perfect, textbook sag numbers. RaceTech said to go with a 5.6, but I did the wise thing and listened to the gurus who said to bump it up one level...SC

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