What did Santa Bring You?

I'm interested to know if Santa is a Thumper Man.

Was he good to you? Did you get lots of stuff for your bike?

He was good to me. I received a new Helmet Cam for Xmas. Now I get to bore my family to tears with movies instead of pictures. Can't wait to try it out. If this snow would just melt I'd be in business.

Merry Xmas to all. Now it is back to the Eggnog.


A digital camera and lots of fun.

I think I'm going to give myself a full carb check out and a suspension rework at Scotts to better handle the MX tracks.

Dougie, are you comming to So Cal for the Rose Bowl?


Eye laser surgery in 3 weeks. Now I can finally see what the hell I really am doing!

Oh yeah, and I treated myself to a 2001 Nissan XTerra. I DESERVE it!!

Scotts damper/top triple/Pro-Tapers.

Kev, nice treat for yourself...let me know how you like the Nissan, and definately tell us about the surgery. I have been on the fence about Lasik and want more first-hand testimonies.

hi all,

santa had brough me a toy(it is my GF who gave it to me, thanks dear)

it is a Yammie YZ250(2stroke though)

The fun part is that I can "kick start" this YZ and hear the rattling engine noise from it.

And the best part is it has workable both front and rear suspension! :)

Looking forward for the new year

Wish all thumperhead a fruitful year ahead!

and many wonderful rides!! :D


'98 WR400F, YZ timed, main:180, pilot:48, DVR needle 4th clip from top,

snorkel removed, YZ tank/seat combo, YZ front no.plate/rear fender,

DSP Ti exhaust system, Brembo front brake,steel braided hose, EZ clutch adjust perch,

Stroker billet rear brake reservoir

I think I can beat anyone. I got a brand new 2001 xr 50. Yes, 50. I'm 33. :) What a great woman! It even had a bow on it. Too bad it's like 10 degrees here. A little on the cold side to ride.

Very cool on the YZ250, and uh, yeah, the Xr's cool too (didijustsaythat). Dougie, will expect video coverage to your thumper pals, I promise we'll give you better feedback :)

My mother-in-law gave me a cool official Yamaha Factory Racing shirt! I'm getting the new Yamaha FZ-1 in March, this is my present this year!

My wife let's me hang the "Santa on a dirtbike" ornament every year.

Happy Holidays

Originally posted by Dougie:

I'm interested to know if Santa is a Thumper Man.

Was he good to you? Did you get lots of stuff for your bike?

Mrs. Santa ordered my new 2001 WR426! :D

The elves didn't have it ready intime for Christmas so I need to wait until January. :)

I sold my KX500 a week ago so no bike New Years weekend at Cal City near Mojave. :D

A friend is bringing an XR400 for me to ride so I at least do get to ride! :D

After 25 years of wedded bliss the wife insisted that Santa bring me a new 2001 Wr426f instead of finding a used 400 :D

Thank God for all my blessings! :D


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I got a hamper and a dish drain. screama.gif

Actually, I didnt ask for any moto related stuff. I usually go out and just trash that stuff. I went practical this year. Was that wrong???


Darin from Missouri - 1999 WR 400F

Enduro Heaven

I got a case of Comet, 3 Scotchbrite pads......and a Slinky. Oh, and I almost forgot about the Lava Lamp....it looks cool next to my trophy.

A case of comet and scotchbrite pads???

Thats what I got last year to get the bacon-strips out of my shorts :)


Darin from Missouri - 1999 WR 400F

Enduro Heaven


Yes, I will be going to the Rose Bowl. I will only be out there from Sunday to Tuesday. I sent you an email with more info. While I won't be out there as long as I wanted to (my very pregnant and expectant wife didn't think I should stay longer than needed, but bless her for insisting that I go) I may be able to hook up on Tuesday.

Go Boilers!

Milkman: I think she's tired of looking at the stains on the garage floor. I have a bunch of accidents.

To Kevin and angry,

Go with the Laser surgery. I had mine on 9-29-00 and I am 20-20 in one eye and 20-15 in the other. I started at 20-400. Could not see a thing without the contacts or specs. It is amazing and worth every dime. I have had no complications since the surgery and was bike riding within a week. Best gift you can give yourself in my opinion.


How bout a 2001 Suburban, clarke tank, YZ seat, graphics, disk guard and shrouds.

Yea, I love her alot...


JJ - 99 WR; WR timed, stock jetting, Scotts stabalizer, Scotts triple clamps, Pro-Tapers, Terry Cable Hot start, MSR Raptor clutch lever, Moose skid plate, Works frame guards, Acerbis Pro Rally guards, Renthal MD-soft grips, Russel speed bleeders, Factory Effect graphics, YZ rear fender

Santa (AKA Mike) ordered me a WR426 for x-mas. Should be here shortly.

JJ......Does your wife have any available sisters? Man, you got hooked up!

Hope all had a nice holiday.


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