New bar risers for my 00 426

I got my new bar risers from baja designs ($67.50 including shipping) installed. They move the bars up and forward by 1". It was crazy feeling at first... like having ape hangers on a dirtbike... but I love them after an hour of seat time. I'm 6'0 and felt all bent over trying to ride standing before but after this and lowering the foot pegs its totally different. Just thought I'd share as I've seen this topic before.

Hey Bob-O, where did you find those risers? I'm dealing with the same issue but I get the cramped feeling even sitting. Part of the sitting issue is I'm 6'3", but I'm 300lbs and a little thick through the shoulders (used to compete in Powerlifting). I've got the bars cranked forward a bit and that helps, but more would be better. Lot of my trails would like a stand for some of the tight stuff, but I don't get a good perch with the placement right now.

BTW, where in Michigan are you?

I am also interested in these.. Where did you get them, im 6'3'' and would like a set for my 426. I already have the universal clamps, and renthal fatbars in RC high bend, and maybe a little higher would be better.

02 triple clamps will help also, they move the bars forward and up from the previous years. Windham Pro Tapers are the tallest bend around I believe, that would help also. I put an 02 triple, universal risers, Henry bend Pro Tapers, and lowered the footpegs on my 00 and it helped me out. It's still not perfect for stand up riding, but it's miles better than stock.

They are made by thumper racing and I got them from Baja Designs. He said he had a couple of sets left and sold me mine for $67.50 including shipping. Hope this helps and sorry for the delayed response!

I'm in s.e. mi. Monroe area

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