Where to buy Clarke 4.0 for 650L

Did a quick search and saw lots of discussion about tanks, but not where to buy. Rocky Mount does not carry for the L. Niether does TT Store. So, where do you guys go, other than straight to Clarke?

House Of Motorcycles in San Diego :D Thanks fuct :D

Try your local bike shop?

XR600R(1988-2000) is the same tank if that will help your search.

XR600R(1988-2000) is the same tank if that will help your search.

Same tank yes, different mounting kits though. You need to specify it's for the XRL. I did and they still shipped it for an XR600R. Luckily for me I had some extra hardware and I called the store and got the right top tube foam padding sent out in fairly short order.

Couple items to note for the installation. Make sure you clean out the inside really well before you install it. I used some gas and "rinsed" the tank out and "drained" all the plastic shavings from the manufacturing process.

Also, you need to consider bracing the tank. With the standard mounting from Clarke there really isn't any lateral stability and the petcock can contact the cylinder on the left side or the tank can rub against the CDI on the right side. You'll see what I mean when you install yours. This could be a real problem over time or if you drop the bike...:D

All in all it's one of the best mods you can do for the L. The 4.0 almost doubles the bike's range and that's a good thing. :D

i ordered one last thursday(7-4-05) direct from clarke manuf.(part#1387) and recieved it yesterday.(7-10-05) i really like it better than the 4.7 gals.i have seen and it fits and install easily..be sure and take dual dogs advice and clean it really well on the inside,because mine was full of plastic shavings..my L is a 2006,but i dont think there are any differences over the last few model years.i did consider, not using the wire form brace that just connects both sides of the tank at the bottom,and making a brace on each side to the old mount on the frame,but figured i would try clarkes way first and see how it works out..i installed it last night and i really cant tell any difference riding from the stock tank..i did have to say so-long to the locking gas cap from the original tank,which i liked....my advice would be to buy it.

That was the only thing the 1st owner did to my 650l. I bought it used with 750 miles its 04. After a couple rides the stock tank came off the clark went on and cant think of any reason it would go back on.

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