Attaching Spider Grips???

After hearing very good reviews about Spider Grips, I got a set and put them on using only rubbing Alcohol as a luricant over a week ago. I normally use Rubbing Alcohol as it evaporates in a day or two and the grips don't move. But, unfortunately the clutch side grip will spin near the outer part of the grip (the throttle side is fine) When I pulled off the clutch side grip, there was quite a bit of Alcohol still there. I dried it off, but I don't know what to do as I want to ride tomorrow after work, and I don't want that damn grip coming off. I know you can't use brake cleaner, or any other solvent on these grips as they'll melt. I have some Duro All purpose adhesive spray I was thinking of trying. Anybody used these grips before??? What do you recommend to keep them on???

Hairspray works well and dries quickly. I use alcohol also (and on my grips sometimes) but my grips are always trimmed at the end for barkbusters. You need a way for the alcohol to evaporate...might try poking a few holes in the end of the grip.

When I've got both grips off I just put some grip glue on one and then shoot some compressed air thru the bars as it slides on. then i just put a little slit in the one that's on and shoot air thru again to get the other side.

SAFETY WIRE!!! I never use anything other than maybe some spit to slightly lube them, and then safety wire 3-4 section of the grip...

I thought about cutting them, but then I'd weaken their durability, plus these new Pro-Taper bars I put on have sealed ends (i.e. they have plugs in the ends) so shooting air thru is not gonna be easy. I think I'm going to try the Duro Adhesive spray, than check them in the morning to see if they have held.

I used scott's grip glue, works for a while. Hairspray didn't seem as good as spray paint, but they both finally worked loose. Super glue seems to work great though. Can get a six pack of the stuff at wally world for a couple bucks. Bad thing is you have to be fairly quick putting the things on, and don't glue your dang finger to the grip. :D It is a pain in the butt to get it off with out ruining the grip.

You can try the zip ty trick. Put 4 zip ty's in a cross pattern inside the grip and slide it on. Pull out the zip ty's and your grips are on...

I have had great sucess using paint to install my grips. they lubricate to go on, dry to adhere to the bars, and usually blow off with air when i want to change. Less cleanup than grip glue...And always follow with safety wire...

im going to try the zip tye method when i get my new grips and bars... im thinking with a new throttle tube since i already have it apart would be fairly easy to get the grip on the throttle side... :D

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