2005 fork seal

I just came home from my first post break-in ride, the bike reports having 103 miles and the left fork seal went south. I read through all of the other riders failures and found this to be coming a very common issue with the 05'S :D Whats up Yamaha, are you guys paying attention to these riders....changes need to be looked into.,..,.,,, or should I just ride my WR in a dust, dirt and mud free world...I'll just put big mirrors, a musical horn and some chrome turn signals on and cruzzzzzzzz PCH

Try using seal savers and some grease under the dust seal on a regular basis. :D

Do you use rubber greese behind the dust seals or just any greese?

Just use heavy pivot and linkage bearing type grease. :D

Thanks for the tips, I'm sure I'll be trying everthing

Run your hand over the bad tube and feel for any nicks in the tube.

If you feel anything, file or stone the leg smoother before installing new seal.

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