Simple Throttle, Exhaust Fixes?

I recently bought a 2001 wr426. I have read the forum but have come up with several different answers for my question. How, step by step, do I take out the exhaust plug and also how do I fix the rev limiter. Also if anyone has the time would you let me know the benefits/disadvantages of doing these simple mods.



Here's my $.02, leave change if needed :D

The exhaust plug is easy-just remove the 10mm bolt from the rear of the exhaust and "jimmy" the plug out. It should slip out easily with a screwdriver down the tube.

Throttle stop...just buy the damn YZ throttle stop if you don't want the hastle of grinding. I don't trust any of the numbers, I raised the subframe airbox, and trimmed throttle until the bottom of the slide was flush with the carb body at WFO. Looking back, installing the YZ426 stop would have been a no-brainer.

Good luck. You'll need it when jetting :)

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