Finaly, A New Pipe

Finally got a new pipe for my 01 426 its the fmf q2 but the australian model only a different colour to us model, only a little louder than stocker but sounds much more deep and throaty soon as you hit the throttle, road with it for an hour no backfires so mus'nt need rejetting but the carb did get rejetted after free mods so it must be rich enough. Did notice a diffrence in responce soon as a i took of ( it seems to pull the front up much easier ) anyways highly recomend this pipe if you want a power increase and low noise levels. well i'm happy with it anyway


I just picked up this pipe too. It makes my 450 as loud as my bro's 250. But I notice that this is only at idle...seems to be almost as loud as stock anything above. I dig it tho.

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