need xr650l rear wheel/hub

Hi All I am need of a rear wheel/hub assembly for a xr650l, with or without rotor. just a hub would be fine. PM me with what you have. Thanks

could someone post which bikes share this same hub wheel combo as the xr 650 l so I can more completly harass the bone yards in my search for a wheel/hub combo? xr600? xr400?xr250? any of the CR series? How far back in the line up 92? Thanks in advance. Richard thompson

Yeah I a second that request,

I would like to know compatability of wheels ie brand/model/year if there is any

I would like to find another stock rim (for price reasons) that I can put a decent street tire on and commute with.



That was my thought also,I like the trackmaster knobbies but I like popping wheelies so I want to mount a street tire. if I dont find a spare wheel soon I am going to just order a hub from la wheel

Check out e-bay. I just saw a boat load on 650L parts even a new excel rear wheel. They won't last much longer maybe a couple of days.

I know the wheels from an Xr650R wont fit I tried that already. I doubt any of the other ones will either.

ebay it......some guy is parting out a 2003? as we speak!

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