Problem in 5th Gear

I own a 02 426 and noticed when in top going balls out the bike felt as tho it was missing and lurching... every other gear was strong. Then it started to get worse and very quickly i could not even ride in top gear as it would not pull at all. I went to a friend of a friend who is mechanically minded and pulls engines down as a hobby. He took it apart and said the 5th and 3th pinion gear and the shiftfork number 2 © needed to be replaced. Between these parts and the gaskets and seal kit it all cost me $500 (Aussie dollars, which is about $370 USD). The labour cost me $400 AUD. ($300 USD).

Now the questions I have are:

- what has caused this to happen, is my riding style (I have only had the bike 1 year)

- did I get a good deal on the labour, ie: he said it took him about 10 hours to fix

Now its fixed it is as good as it ever was, so I am very pleased with the job he has done. :D

Thanks for your comments.....

hes your friend and made you pay 400 bucks to take a couple screws and bolts out. I dont think it took any 10 hours to fix so hes prob ripping you off. A repair shop wouldve costed less. If the bike was used then the guy before you probably had done some seriously heavy riding to make the gears wear down. :D

First you got ripped, I mean I don't claim to know the labor rates in AUS. but damn thats high. I just did mine 3rd pinion 4th pinion 4th gear 5th gear all three shift forks and all new circlips new high comp piston new gaskets, for about $500.

Second, they just do it don't analysixe it to much. It could be a metallurgical problem with the forks, causing them to deflect and wear in the inner, or a metallurigical problem with the gear, but all that aside it doesn't matter its just part of package deal, continuously meshed transmissions take a lot of interial and axial forces and that just starts to increase the clearence between dogs and slippage occurs.

$300 for 10 hours of work isn't that bad. Thats only $30 an hour. My local Honda shop charges $60 an hour, thats $600 labor for your 10 hours of work.

Doesnt sound like too bad of a deal.... Its a fairly big job to tear into the transmission. 10 hrs is easily spent doing the repair if you want to do a good job of it. I just did mine over the winter and 3rd, 5th and the shift fork were also gone. I figure mine was buggered up from all the ice racing I did, going 5th pinned around the pond all day long.

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