Irondude in 1974


Let me guess......Just as he was ready to make the jump that would have given him world wide notoriety, the right hand wheels fell off his Hondaberg skateboard and those nasty people from Team Honda cheated by draining the bay.

Let me guess...He was loking good, styling down the road, but hit the railing on the pier. They had to put a steel palte in his head, and from then on was know as Irondude. :D

Poosy! Real dudes do it Naked!

On the count of three...that could hurt.... :D


Reminds me of some of the hills I took as a kid in La Canada/La Crescenta area.

Nothing like a late-night shred from Crest Highway to Glendale CC.

Maybe I'll try it again on my son's Sector-Nine Pintail...not!

woulda been way cool to finish the ride into a pack of wolverines :D

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