Replacing cam chain with outo-d cam?

I'm replacing the cam with an auto-d on my 2000 wr400.

Wanna change the cam chain too

I've got the rotor and stator out already. How do I get the black plastic chain guides off. I guess I could just twist and bend them and yank them out but is there a more less "violent" way to do it.


the only way to get the cam chain tensioner/guides (the guides have steel locating pins moulded into them too) out is to remove the head. though the cam chain can be replaced without removing these guides, i've seen it done but i'm not exactly sure how its done and from what i can recall its kinda fiddly but do-able.

you'll also have to re-adjust the cam chain tensioner.

if you undo the two bolts that secure the tensioner blade, you should be able to lift it high enough to change the camchain. The other tensioner blade which is located by the head stays put. If this fails, you can use a chain breaker to split the chain, thread it through and rivet it back together.

Check the sprocket on the crank web. There's a good chance it wont look too healthy :D . The tensioner automatically adjusts every time it's installed, so no need to worry about that

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