My buddy has a 2001 YZF 426 the problem is that he is trying to convert it to a woods bike. It has way too much power for the woods, and the forks and shock are way to stiff. I have done a search and came up with nothing on converting a YZF to a WR, he has added flywheel weight, advanced timing, but still too much power. Has anybody done this? And what are they doing. Thanks in advance.

He advanced the timing???

I currently have a '02 WR on ebay. It has a blown top end. He could try to buy it and end up with:

1. WR transmission

2. WR forks

3. 18" rear wheel

4. WR flywheel

IMO, these are most important factors, although not all.

Anyway (I'm not tyring to peddle it here), I have it started at $1,000, no reserve. I can't believe the amount of emails from a$$h0les who offer me less and want me to end the aution early for them. One guy offered $400!!! Parting it out would possibly yield more $$, but when it blew AGAIN, I basically just wanted it out of the garage!

Happy riding,


Anyway, if interested, let your buddy know it is there.

The YZ is a track bike but I have a few riding buddies that swear by the YZ in the woods. They have all added a 12 oz fly weight, dropped the sag, (they are short), and softened the suspension BIG TIME!! The YZ will still hit hard with the timing done, that is the nature of the beast. The best thing he can do is just keep riding until he figures it out or put a WR tranny in it to get the better gearing.

I have a friend with an 02 426, in addition to the 12oz flywheel weight and softening the suspension, also consider dropping the front sproket to a 13 instead of 14. Makes a big difference in the tight, twisty uphill woods stuff.

He advanced the timing???

I'm retarded I ment "retarded the timing" :D

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