Rethinking my choice in the WR; need a bit of advice please

Hey Kincade,

You should get platform shoes with goldfish in them.

Or if that doesn't work you could always buy a 2005 WR, shave the seat, raise the forks in the clamps, and put in a rekluse...



Kincade, I can definitely attest that your 04 feels like riding on a 2x4 with the shaved seat. After my first ride on it, I could barely walk. Now I'm that much faster because I never sit :applause: It needs a better pipe, but it doesn't lack for power anywhere, you just really need to be on the gas and learn to ride it like a 2 stroke. BTW, having the suspension tuned makes a world of difference. I can ride 10 times longer before getting tired.

Yep, Danny Morgan is the owner and definitely knows what he is doing. Having your suspension done is not a noticable difference right away. I was 30 miles into my first ride wondering why I spent so much money on it and was pretty disappointed. As I continued to ride, I started passing land marks that I usually had to take a break at on my old bike because I was exhausted. I wasn't even winded at these spots after having the suspension done. Normally at the end of this loop in 10 Mile Wash, I am too tired to walk. This time I felt like I could still race 3 more loops. Each time I go out, I find I am more confident, less fatigued, and faster - I'm sure practice has a lot to do with it, but suspension made it easy to get there. Goldfish platforms are the next item on my list of things to get :applause:

I am a "short guy" 5'7", 3 years ago I got tired of dropping and stalling...etc. Me and and a buddy cut 2.5 inches of seat foam out of mine- near perfect fit now. FYI- SDG is now selling that same thing. Granted it looks a little strange at first but it works. They are making a lower link now but it is not recommend for track use.

Good to hear about PRS; I"ve been hearing great things about their suspension work from a lot of people around here.

That's great to know about SDG! Finally someone is making a SHORTER seat rather than a taller one!

Where did you see the shorter SDG seat? I just checked their website and they only show standard and tall.

How about just stayin' on the pegs and gas....... dont stop till you hit solid ground... for a breather. Thats pretty much how i ride.

5'10/ 32"


I also was considering a KTM300EXC, but I think I would miss the torque of my four fiddy! amazing how fast machinery is considered outdated these days, I think I'm going to enjoy my 03 for while.

Well from your post it doesnt sound like a smaller less powerful bike is an option??Let me say that I have an 05 wr450 which has a shorter seat height than prev models,I love this blue 450 but my only bitch which I stress is..."this dam thing is tall"!!!Im 5 11" with a 36" inseam!!I motox its fine..But im also a trail rider you get on some gnarly mountain trails and fella I cant touch the ground!!over half of the times that my bike has been on the ground is just because i couldnt reach it and had to let it go!!..I know there is a place or you could get an extra seat and have it shaved down by an upolestry guy ,how tough is your butt??Bike would still handle ok??right usually standing when your on the gas??just a thought...Russ

I'm fighting the same battle. I bought an '03 WR450 without really considering how tall it is. I'm 5'5" and close to 200 lbs. When I bought the bike, me and my group of riding buddies were riding fast, open desert and the seat height wasn't a major factor. Then we started riding/racing some tight singletrack and the seat height became a major factor. So I sent my suspension out to Factory Connection and had them shorten it one inch front and back and rework everything for my weight. Overall, it was a very good mod. I know it was shortened enough to allow me to catch the bike before it hits that breaking point. But in the tight, tight stuff I was still having issues. I left the stock gearing (which was a bad idea) and just getting the bike to go as slow as I needed to go was wearing me out as far as feathering the clutch, etc. So I finally went and bought a rekluse and installed it last weekend and rode with it yesterday on our toughest, tightest loop. I still had problems riding the trail (I'm a C rider), but I'm positive the rekluse got me further down the trail than had I been without it.

I also ride the dunes and right now I can only afford one bike so I've just been trying to make things work with the WR. I love the e-start, I love the hill-climbing power and I'm sure that in more capable hands the bike would perform great. If the majority of your riding is tight trail riding then I'd say find another bike. If it's the other way around, I'd say just try to make it work because it's definitely capable.

BTW, a guy in our group has an auto-clutched, trials-tired KTM 200EXC and he does awesome with it in the tight trails. He hardly drops the bike because it's so light, the trials tire grips everything and his bike never stalls. It also seems to have plenty of low-end grunt for the slow stuff. But he has the ultimate setup, a 525 for the dunes and fast desert and his 200 for the tight and twisty. I think this option covers all the bases, but not everyone can afford that. I'm trying to figure out a way, though. :applause:

Just don't put your feet down :applause: Not sure what year you have but the later model WR's have lower seat heights. And you could also put a lowering link on the bike like others have said. I have also heard of guys cutting the seat foam lower to the plastic seat base but you give up comfort (pretty hard seat to begin with).

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