Drz subframe

I have just bought the s model.

I removed rear lights to take part in a hare scramble, the rear fender is now really loose.

I s it possible to fit rear fender of the e model and if I did would I be able to shorten rear sub frame.

thanks :D:D

sure... you'll have to hog out some plastic to make it fit. i just put an e rear fender on my s. you'll be hogging out two attach points(for e subframe) and it will be looser than the s fender but you could zip-ty the e fender to the subframe by the little tabs on the underside of the e fender. did you take off the tool bag? that's the rearward attach point for the s fender and would cause it to flop around. some big washers where the tool bag mount base would normally rest, would fix the prob too.

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