Honda CRF 150F Wheelie

sweet, i think my longest one is about half that.

good wheelie, i wish i was that good

Looked like you went thru ever gear, sick vid man.......


i wish i could get the front wheel off the ground on my friends 150......

i can do that :D

I can go about 3/4 of that on my ttr 125 but then i flip and it hurts :D

i can do that on my 125 :D

i can not get the front wheel of a crf150f up to save my soul..........

Nice video chondamx! :D

Did anyone notice that the guy riding a wheelie down the road in the video from gets back into his lane just a second or two before a car comes by.... :D

i can not get the front wheel of a crf150f up to save my soul..........

just preload and gas it in second , if you do it in first you'll flip on my cr250 every gear :D

does pulling wheelies burn the clutch quickly?

Yours wasnt as good

I agree. :D

You can pop the wheel up on pretty much any bike. Just go slow in 1st or 2nd gear and pull the clutch in and pop it out.

but will doing wheelies burn the clutch?

No cause your not using the clutch once you get teh wheel up.

guess it's time for me to break out my 150 and show all of you guys up :D

here's one i made a while back

Not too bad.....farther than I can go.

Next time, wear something to cover your arms and legs.

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