New Valve Train - Replace with OEM parts or Kibblewhite/RHC

I have an 04 that only gets trail riddden. Well maintained.

When the valve train does go and needs replacing what should I do:

1. Replace with full OEM parts (springs valves etc) or

2. Use KW or RHC parts?

Reason I ask is not for problems with longevity of OEM parts but performance effects of fitting the heavier stainless springs and valves to the lightweight CRF motor.

If I am prepared to accept the valve train replacement frequency of the CRF then should I stick with OEM? That's what I feel I should use.

I think I will also replace the springs well before any valve tighteneing occurs as they seem to be a massive part of the intiial valve tightening process.

I have no problems at the moment. The bike is new. When the time comes I just want to know what to buy. OEM appears perfect for my needs. I dont race, I just trail ride very mildy, the motor is unmodified and I have extra oil capacity fitted.

To me fitting a heavier aftermarket valve train would appear to be overkill as I am simply not wearing parts out that quick.

Are there any other benefits of fitting aftermarket valve trains that I have missed?

Guru advcie welcome!!!

I am not familiar with KW/RHC stuff.

But I have made this desicion. I decided against Stainless values because 7 oz or what ever a valve train is huge in theroy anyways.

As far a camshafts I thought that was a good idea and put in a hot cams. That was huge.

Stock valve spring seem fine and had not had a float problem

I am looking at doing something to the 05 now and you can bet I will keep Ti valves in it.

I only had to do them because I pushed valve adjust and the ex burned. I'm sure if it, maybe.

my valve and spring combination are with in 5 grams of the stock parts you have to look @ the whole picture with moving parts its just like a piston and pin combination you canhave 2 pistons that weigh identical but one has a pin that wieghs 50 grams more it still adds to reciprcating weight .

thas exactly what i though. i was worried about the wieght too. i used the ss valves and heavier springs and it feels like it revs even faster. i did the whole top end so i cant really say what made what but the motor has a nice power curve now.i let a few of my friends ride the bike and they all say i want the same thing you got.i havent ajusted my valves since last year.

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