2003 XR70R Sprocket Shaft

I've got a 2003 XR70R. I bought a new 14T countershaft sprocket and it has course splines. The sprocket on the bike has very fine splines so obviously, this won't fit.

Anybody run into this? I got on www.bikebandit.com and it appears in the picture that the bike has the course splines.

The images used in the microfiches are usually generic, and used in many different applications. You can find the best information and cross reference charts at www.sprocketspecialists.com. The front sprockets for the 2000 and newer XR70 are identical to the 2000 and newer XR/CRF50. The '99 and older XR70 has the 6-point spline that is identical to the early and mid Z50s.

Hey, thanks a bunch. The guy I bought if from was acting like he had no clue what I was talking about. I know, big surprise. :D

I'll get the right one.

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