For those who like untrackable raw power...

I recently sold my YZ450F and purchaced a TC450 Husqvarna. Wow this bike is amazing. :D Comes stock w/hi preformance exhaust, magura hydro clutch and alot more.

This bike corners much better than a yz or crf. Also it comes stock w/an electric start. I will take it to the track this weekend :D

... where it will promptly break down.

Why would it break down?

curious... how much does it weigh with the electric start?

I believe it weighs about 250 w/an electric starter. I really dont care becaise I weigh 220lbs. Its just amazing how well built these bikes are. To change the valve shims you dont even have to remove the cams. I believe the 450s rev over 11,000rpm and the 250 rev over 13,000rpms :D

What does one of those girls set you back??? us$$

I believe the 450s rev over 11,000rpm and the 250 rev over 13,000rpms :D
Gee, so do the YZF's. (11,500 & 13,500, respectively). :D But I'm glad you're happy.

Pavel - Congrats on the Husky! I have read good things about them. :D

Pavel you are a trip ....husky ? :D

handling and weight and power are way off current jap crap.....otherwise a great ride

I have 20 bucks you will be back real soon on either suz or yellow are a hurricane kind of guy :D

what is the real deal with the husky dude???? :D Why not the 510/610 beast?

... where it will promptly break down.

First hand experience? I own one and owned another one previously and they are very reliable. They handle like a dream and are very easy to get hooked. They are a little heavy but the thing is, it don't feel like it. If I was riding woods more, I would have bought one. I don't have first hand knowledge of the new 4 strokes, but they are suppose to have the power of the big four now. My CR125 is one of the best 125's I've ever ridden. Anyway, I like em, so I had to get my two cents in.

Sounds like a good bike... Do you have some pics yet?

I will have pics soon and yes I plan on getting the 06 yz450f

Buying a YZF too?

Dang Pavel! You're either wealthy, unmarried, or have a very forgiving wife! :D

you buy and sell bikes more than i have hot dinners pavel :D....fair play :D. congrats on your husky..... you lucky lucky man(push button,.....braaaaaaaap!)

WhoGAS. Go tell the Husky guys about your new paperwieght. This is a YZF forum.

... where it will promptly break down.

More than likely, but his biggest concern will be weight. I hope the pilot is light.

I've rode one, the forks have a nice plush feel. They turn quick like a RM. (not a bad thing) You'll need to put a trickle charger on it once in a while, thats really important before a race because they seem to drain the battery when they are raced hard. It should have come with a kick start lever, hole shot device, two pipes, and tools. Have fun with it. :D

Why don't you own the bike for a few seasons before you claim how great it is. I had a husky, never again. I don't like waiting months for odd parts break often and that cost twice as much. I broke 3 back hubs in 1 year. I was able to ride the bike less than 10x in a year due to broken/backordered parts. My brothers yamaha, I rode over 50x that year with no breakdowns.

Parts are easy to find. Many parts from other bikes fit it also. KTM parts Yamaha Parts. As for breaking down these bikes are solid, Plotz(now racing w/Honda) Gave me a crap load of parts also.

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