Wow....Check out this badass body armor!

After a kinda bad crash I had last sunday, I'm shelling out the money for this!

And it says 70 dollars for the kneepad. Is this 140 for both or 70 dollars for both.

Also, if anyone can find any pants to go along with the bionic Jersey, tell me please. I would need those too!

Go here and click next in the middle of the page to see all the stuff it has to offer. Amazing.

ok robo cop

Go look at 661 pressure suit or assualt jacket. I imagine theyare alot cheaper. Same type of body armour. I have the assualt jacket and I love it.

who cares about price dude....that looks soooo badass.

who cares about price dude....that looks soooo badass.

If you don't care about price, then get the best: Dainese.

They've been making these body armour suits longer than anyone. Everybody else is a copy of their design. Downhill mountain bikers have been using this stuff for about 10 years now.


Personally, I'm not a huge fan of the one piece Shuttle Pro suits, but they are available. I'd rather a good set of knee braces and a jacket. I use a Dainese Safety Jacket myself with a set of DonJoy Armour knee braces.


Actually, given the choice all over again with Dainese's current line, I would probably get this:


My Safety Jacket can sometimes ride up and the tail of the back protector won't stay tucked in my Shift pants. Not much of a problem, but a minor annoyance.


EVS BJ22 for about $135.00


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