Got a cold one here!

I just got back from a 6 month deployment to the persian gulf. My bike is a 2002, but it's in showroom condition and I keep it that way...The deal is, it sat in the garage for those 6 months; today I kicked that hog for about an I got a blister from the compression lever, and I feel like I got off from 20 feet up and landed on my right foot. Is there anything I can do to get this thing to kick over without packing my lunch out to the garage to get it done?

Is there new fuel in it? And did you leave fuel in the bike when you were gone?

dont kick that bike over with street shoes, use the boots.

Get a gallon of toluene at ace hardware to flush the carb with. Start by emptying the tank and the carb, then fill the tank with the toluene and drain it out through the carbs drain. It will take a little time but it will flush out any varnish that has formed from the gas.

Then change the oil and the spark plug.

Remember it's not how hard you kick the bike over it's how fast. Do it in nuetral and pull the clutch in too.

I got injured bad and was out for about 6 months and last think on my mind was the dirt bike.

well same as You I could not get it to start, kicked for like a 1/2 hr.

then I drained the tank and carb put in fresh gas and BAM...first try :D

yep. that sounds like stale fuel to me.

Change the plug first and foremost when I originally got my bike it would not start to save me (I also suck at using the lever) but I put in a new plug and it started on the first kick. The kid that I got it from also had teh carb all out of whack, but go with a plug and an 03 cam and you'll be set. I absolutely believe that the new cam is what made the bike worth keeping.

Thank you for coming home safe.

Before you left on deployment, you should have taken some precautions on your bike so that when you got back you wouldn't be kicking until your blue in the face. I cant tell you what you should do now...besides flushing the entire fuel system and adding a new plug, but before you left you definitely should have flushed the radiators, drained the gas tank, float bowl, taken the plug out...poured a few ounces of oil down the hole, kicked the bike over several times then reinstalled the plug, etc.

Shoot me a PM and I'll give you a complete list of what you should do to your bike before you get deployed for a long period of time again. This way when you get back you wont have any trouble with your beast. I have credible sources.

No Doubt....after kicking for like 20 times...I switched to the boot on the right foot...I bet the neighbors thought I looked funny cussing and kicking out there...heck...even my dog was hot and exhausted from watching we had to get the hose pipe and cool off a couple of times. Today at work I was standing for about 10 leg needs some flexall 454...Man I'm sore! =) Sounds good though guys....... I gave it more thought and I think I am going to get all new fluids and do the whole Cleaning/Oiling/new filter/air filter cleaning....and the toulene in the carb sounded pretty good too from that other forum member? I put fresh gas in it yesterday before I got to kicking but I really didn't get too in depth really when I was thinking about does need a good flush and a drink of some fresh fluids. I think I was more into the thought of just hearing it run again....I'm real anxious to ride again...found some good Tracks here in Va. ....just moved back from the West Coast....Thanks for all the information.....if you have more to add you can e-mail it to me at . Thanks Again!

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