Rausch Creek?

What's the lowdown on Rausch Creek? I just went to paragon for the first time, but I keep hearing that Rausch Creek is even better. Any truth to that?

The trails are ok there but the tracks are terrible to many quads the tracks are like freeways dont waste your money and go there if you want to ride the mx tracks.Like i said tooooooo many quads Rick

I went there on a weekday about 2 months ago, and it wasn't crowded at all....I think it's a rather nice track, even though it's pretty hard, packed dirt. The trails are nice, but unfortunately they aren't long enough to keep you busy the whole day. Like a friend of mine said after riding "After about an hour or so, you feel like you've seen everything" It's still a nice place, but I highly recommend you only go on a weekday, and not a weekend. hope this helps......

it depends on the kind of riding you like. Personally I think Paragon is awesome and very large...Maybe not quite as large as Tower City but close.

I love rausch creek, I will be heading there on my new husky TC450 tomarrow :D

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