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A bunch of changes to my bike- EKN jetting, new suspension, and starting issues

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Thoughts on some changes to my bike:

New Suspension:

I took my bike into Scotts Performance. Had a revalve job. Springs stayed the same. The target was to keep it soft in the first of the stroke, go progressively harder, then stiff so less bottoming on some of the bigger jumps. Hopefully a good combo for mx and trail riding.

After riding at the track, I thought I was a rockstar. Totally different bike. Corners much easier. Less front end washout. Faster out of the corners. Takes bumps and whoops much easier. Jumps. Great. Comming up a little short on some table tops and small doubles doesn't hurt as much anymore. I did a desert race this weekend and I thought the bike was better there too. I'm very happy.


Like others, I want to wheelie and make my WR have 2 stroke fun. So I've read many of the jetting discussions (circa Mr. Dean, Clark, and Taffy). I gave up following them a long time ago. I thought it would be easier to build rockets or nuclear power plants. But I did have one take away- Get a EKN, turn the throttle, and raise hell.

I'm already YZ timed. I ride in Southern California MX, desert, mountians 0 to 7000 feet.

Old Jetting

Needle DVP # 4

Main Jet 178

Pilot 48

Air Jet 100

Fuel Screw 1.4 turns out

New Jetting

Needle EKN # 4

Main Jet 168

Pilot 48

Air Jet 100

Fuel Screw 1.25 turns out

I've had a chance to test the jetting twice. Time 1 was at Lake Elsinore MX track and I got to try the jetting back to back. Big positive difference right away. Typical things said so far, More immediate punch, More fun, and More wheelies.

Second time was at a desert race. While I notice the difference less, I noticed no real downside to the jetting change. Maybe a little jumpier through loose rocks or maybe just me going bonzi and bouncing around a lot. I have an EKP but I'm feeling lazy and just want to ride.

Starting Problems:

As Cue Ball wondered, am I still out in the desert trying to start my bike. Thanks to you guys, I printed off the suggestions everyone made regarding my starting problems. Took them into the shop and talked with the guys. Upped the float level 1 mm. Cleaned out the carb and had it check out. No significant problems starting. In the race did fall and stall thrice. Each time was a little hard starting but typical 4 stroke. Nothing like the problems before. One difference, I'm running my YZ tank now, not the Ty Davis. Hopefully will get the same positive results when I switch back.

Thanks for the help and suggestions.

All I have to do now is ride, Any of you So Cal or even No Cal guys want to ride. Lets go.


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Good to hear you're having fun with the new jetting.

In both your jetting conditions you have the pilot screw out over 1 turn with a #48 pilot jet. This looks like an invitation for problems starting your bike.

Try turning the pilot screw in to 3/4 - 1 turn from seated. I know starting has been an issue so let us know if it doesn't help or work as well.


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