Trail Riding in N.E PA

I'm from the Wilkes-Barre area.

Ride with several really good riders.

We have met, and rode with a few fellow TT riders. :D

Were meeting up with a few more this weekend. :D

Were looking for new, different places to ride.

If there are any riders in the area who would like to get together for a fun ride let me know.


Did you ride Jessup? We'll be going there on Sunday.

bg10459 , Then we will see you there. I will have a bandana tied to my car you will know who we are.


We'll be there Sunday, me Coalpilot, BmLittlebike, and a few friends. :D

Do you know the area well?

Hope to see ya.

I suppose you know the spot?

I'm not sure what we'll be driving or who will be with me, but early indications point to me on my WR450, a Polaris 500 Quad and maybe a Red Kawasaki Quad.

The Polaris and I did some "progressive penetration" exploring last time out and found some good trails. He knows the area better than me, but now I've got a GPS, so sky's the limit. :D

We'll be on a

WR400( monster graphics)


RM250( all black plastic )

And not sure what others.

Lets Ride :D

Let me know when yall come near Hazleton I know many trails hills jumps everything.

pavelkod ,

Want to shoot for like the 27th or 28th?

I cant say for sure because I am going to college the 25th.

Where are you from?

We used to ride in Hazleton all the time.

It's been a few years, but there is a lot of riding up there. :D

Can you still drop off in that spot above the convienent mart on the right at the powerline?

I'm game for riding up there.

Lets set a ride time and day. :D



I should be good most weekends college is only 30 min away. I know most the area. I live in Silverbrook outside hazleton and there are many trails. I had a sweet trail behind my house down the mountain and up another steep mountain through a creek and rocks and mud but someone posted all no tresspassing signs :D I wouldnt let that bother me but the guy who owns it just bought a property across from my house and built his house :D But I know many other places :D

Thanks to everyone who came out on Sunday. :D

bg10459( WR450)


coalpilot(YZ 250)

and the guy with the XR400, and his son CRF 150,who did a great job all day.

Vern-CRF 450X

Rick-KTM 520


I'm sorry can't remember everyone, but we had a good time, and made some new friends.

I think there were 8 bikes, and three quads. :D

Lots of thunder in the hills that day.

Scott, thanks for showing us around.

Man theres a lot of rocks up there :D , just wish there were more tight trails, mostly power lines.

I'll post some pics of the cliff, man what a view!!

as soon as I download them.


Had a good time also, my friend Glenn who had the xr400 and his son had a good time to. Would like to get together again. There is a lot of single track stuff by my house but you have to go across some roads. Maybe we can get together at Paragon in a couple of weeks. That tunnel that Rick took us through was pretty cool.

Yeah, great ride. The tunnel took the cake. Definitely cool.

Next time I'll leave the quads home. They're a bit slow and like to play in the mud rather than ride. (or maybe we won't forget our cell phones and then just hook up later :D ).

The tunnel was cool, I should of took some pics of it.

It was cool in more ways than one, damn was it hot Sunday.

YEA single track, thats where its at, don't have to worry about someone coming around the corner. :D Plus lots more of a challenge.

I'm glad everyone had a good time, plus no one got hurt, nobody broke down.

A good day.


This is how hazy it was.


A view off the cliff.


The cliff.


some of the bikes on the cliff.


Ricks 520 on the edge.


There was also some sick trials...aka the creek of dispair :D

I'm ready to go again! :D


I should of took some pics of you in the creek of despair. :D

You were trials riding on a YZ250 :D

Did you like the pic of the cliff, man what a view.

I'm changing my front tire this week, putting in a new heavy duty tube, and trying to straighten out my front rim.

What was the creek of dispair

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