Can't remove wr spark plug

I have an 03 wr250 and I can't find a socket to fit in the spark plug whole. They are all to fat to go in the whole. I am assuming the wr came with a tool kit with a plug wrench in it but I do not have a tool kit for it. Any suggestions.

go to the automotive store and buy a 5/8" spark plug socket or go to sears and get a craftsman one.. has to be a spark plug specific socket

Husky's (home depot brand) fit fine.

as long as its a spark plug specific 5/8" its good

Stop at the auto parts store on the way home from sears and get some Never sieze thread lubricant just a dab on the threads of the new plug is a good idea. especially when fastening steel threads to an aluminum head.

Dont over tighen!! aluminum is much softer than steel and could strip easily!

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