In need of honest advise!!!!!

Okay guys, I need some honest advise from you all. I just recently bought a used 04 CRF450R. I haven't been able to ride it yet due to work and mother nature. The thing is awesome and ready to go. My problem is I am out of commission for the next 6 to 8 weeks. I get to walk around on crutches and an Orthodox shoe due to a 16 year old punk! I am a police officer and I had to tackle two guys for fighting on the 5th of this month. Stinking juvenile had to be let go to his mommy. I'll charge him later, anyway. I unfortunately tore all of the ligaments across the top of my left foot(HURTS LIKE A %$@!$#&$%%^#.) My question is should I sell the 450 and try to find another one in two months? Or should I just let it set and gather dust? If I were to sell it I think I would get a 250R. I had an 03 YZ250F before the 450. I don't know if I will be able to take the power when the doctor finally clears me. If anyone has any words of wisdom I would greatly appreciate it.

If you need money now, I guess you should sell it. I know I personally hate having to go through the selling and buying process. Especially when you know you have something that works, and you don't know how well maintained (internally) the one that you buy is.

I hate that you have to go through that. I'm glad there are people like you though, thanks.

Thanks. I'm not in a postion where I have to sell the bike, it just hurts my feelings to see it there all alone. I don't know I just sit here wondering sometimes what is the best thing to do.

Have your wife or girl freind start it for you. then you can hop on it and cruise it up and down the street once without tearing yourself up too much. then when some jack ass calls the cops your buddy will come over and you guys can bs for a while... I'd keep it!!! you haven't ridden it yet, heck it may be the best bike you ever ride but you won't know if you sell it. Do a mod or two to it while it sits. at least you can go out and look at it everyday and hug it and kiss it :D

one more thing, thanks for being a cop and policing our streets of worthless shit heads. sometimes you all get a bad wrap. being one that rides I hope you wouldnt be too quick to whip out a ticket book on a fellow tt'r :D

Just spend some time modding the damned thing and it'll be that much sweeter when you get back on your ah-hem...feet.

Should have tasered the little bastards.

keep the bike,

get rid of the punk-ass.

Well I will ride it for you so its not lonley. but your too far away. lolol

Thanks. I'm not in a postion where I have to sell the bike, it just hurts my feelings to see it there all alone. I don't know I just sit here wondering sometimes what is the best thing to do.

If you don't need the money and you'll be able to ride it in a couple of months or less I'd just keep it, it really won't depreciate significantly in that time. If you were going to be out 10-12 months or more it would make more sense to sell it.

We are just now getting tasers. I live in a very small town our only claim to fame is the Martinsville Speedway for all of you NASCAR guys. Also, I tend to give breaks to fellow riders first. We do have the nastiest pepper spray known to man and Asp's. I was only a half step away form the guy when he decided to punch another idiot. So I just hooked his arm and rammed his head into the bank. That is when I tore my foot up. I probably will keep it and I do want to add a few things to it. I just really have a strong desire to ride now that I can't.

If its only going to be a couple of months....keep it....I'm in the same situation,because of an injury I cant ride for 2 months and I'm keeping mine.

To much hassle to sell and buy another.

I say put it on a bike stand and sit on it while making 4-stroke sounds for a few weeks. It won't be so lonely then.

keep it!!! it can help you out during the lonely times you have when out of work.... have some bonding time with it.... you know you wanna :D

Can I borrow it? :D I dont think I live too far from you.

ya man keep it it will remind you how much fun it is to ride and you will try harder to kick the kids ass so nothing happens to you :D

Hey CRFBoy, that's funny! If you live anywhere near Madison,NC there is a VERY NICE track that is going to be opening there soon. The guy that owns it built it behind his go-cart race track. I have ridden it and it is real good. Just over two minute lap times. He wants to start having night races like Rolling Hills. He has ordered the start gates and has priced the lighting system. I'll let you VA and NC guys know when it is officially open for business. One of my best friends and riding buddies designed the layout. Oh, the owner is a retired engineer and has all of the turns banked and has the drainage worked out good. It'll be fun. Later, Shane

Buy an xbox and MX vrs ATV unleashed... thats how ive gotten throught the last 2 monthes of my 3 month period without ridding. I got into a fight with my parents and they said I cannot ride my bike untill I get my eagle in boy scouts. I was like "fine im almost done" little did I know there is so much dumb paperwork, and all of it takes time to send and get back yada yada yada.... so here I am... and its going to be about another month too dangit. Since then I have made my bike absolutely spotless

lol, and after the pic I installed my new grips and handguards and have a chain and sprokets on the way. Thats the only way I can keep my sanity (ridding was the biggest thing I did for fun)

look clean!

Time to pull the linkage and grease it. Then grease the steering head.

Make the bike perfect, then ride it or sell it.

Unless you want to go to a e-start bike, I'd keep it.

keep your bike, while your at it you should get your suspension done so it'll be in tip top shape for when your 100% again

If I were you...I would keep the bike ... just hide it somwhere so you dont see it.. maybe store it at a friends house....nuthin worse than a bike just staring at you sayin ride me!!! when your hurt... stash the bike then ride it when ya get better....ride over those little punks!!!! lol

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