Water container for pressure washer at track?

Anybody have any good ideas for storing water to wash my bike at the track? I have a power washer, but hate waiting in line to use the hose. I have a topper on my truck, and a 3 rail. So, space is kind of an issue. I have access to 55 gallon drums at work, but I think they might be a little too large.

Any suggestions?

I've seen 55 gallon drums put on the tongue of bigger trailers. Would it fit there on yours?

No, I could probably weld something to hold it, but im not a welder..lol

I made a wooden frame box with 2 X 4 lumber, used a jigsaw to cut a contour for the 55 gallon drum to sit into, put 2 eyebolts 180 degrees apart, and use a ratchet-style tiedown to hold it in place. I put it in the bed of my pickup, fill it with water the night before a race, and use gravity to feed the water to the powerwasher. Been using the setup for over 10 years now, just make sure you use teflon tape for all the fittings, so it doesn't leak inside the truck bed.

I use a 35 gallon plastic drum that I got free from the local carwash. It's what the soap they use comes in. It's a good size, enough water to wash a couple bikes but doesn't take up too much floor space.

I got the following parts from a local plumbing supply for about $20

1. bulkhead fitting

2. PVC shut-off valve

3. adaptor to change the pipe thread to a standard garden hose thread.

The drum sits in my trailer and I use a short piece of hose I made from a 4' piece of 3/4" clear vinyl tubing to connect it to the washer.

The first time I tried this setup I chased my tale for a while trying to figure out why the washer didn't seem to be pulling the water through and finally figured out that it takes 15 or 20 seconds for the air bubbles to clear (after opening the valve) and if I turn the washer on while there's still air in the line it won't work. The clear tubing allows me to see when all the air is out of the hose.

That's exactly what I needed. Thanks guys..

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