when the bike is idleing is it suppose to skip puffs.

Need a little more info.

The DRZ motor does not have a lot of flywheel and even the S is fairly "cammy" so idle is not like an old British single, very even and slow. A DRZ400S is intended to idle 1500 RPM to smooth out the idle. If it is ratty and uneven the idle mixture may need some adjustment or the carb needs cleaning.

Its been a long time but.........


1. intake - piston goes down and pulls Air/fuel mixture into cylinder thru intake valves

2.compression - compresses Air/fuel mixture together.

3.expansion - sparkplug fires Air/fuel mixture pushing the piston down.

4.exhaust - piston goes up and pushes exhaust out the exhaust valve.

so you actually feel exhaust every 4th stroke of the piston.


Any big brain guys out there? Am i thinking right?

My idle has always sounded a touch uneven. Like..every 5 or so it..misses a beat kind of. Cant seem to change that with fuel screw. Using burneds reccomendations for jetting but this missy idle makes it hard to follow his directions about tuning the fuel screw (turn in till idle misses then out a bit..but idle always missing a bit)

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