Aarrgh! Missed todays OLN airing of Unadilla Valley!! Anyone DVD it?

Looking forward all day to watching. Right around 4pm a storm rolls thu. Race shows at 5pm! Direct TV - aaaahhhh. Any cloud cover an no signal. Right around 6:30 when the show ends the sky clears, sun comes out, birds are chirping - mocking me! :D

What worse is that, for some reason, OLN does not show it again until Oct. 29!!!???? &%$#@!.

Anyone of you MX heads run a home build TIVO that can burn me a DVD or is the torrent soon forth coming?


darn. i missed it to. why didn't anyone tell me about this?? :D

missed it also


I love my DVR... sorry I don't know how to move it to a dvd or file... but it was a cool race to watch...

Where is bubbascrub with his torrents. Please bubba come back!!!!


Was Tevo'ed, but we had no signal due to a storm :D

dang it was stormin hear and i had perfect signal

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