Reno area riders

How many Reno area riders do we have? How often do you ride and where? Let's get together and ride sometime. Can't let Big Bob take over here.

Reno here.

I ride the Stead track on a regular basis. I can ride to it from my house. Still scared of that pesky triple though. :D

Well to get about 2 feet of air is pretty wild for me. I have ridden the trails around there a bunch of times, but not on the track. not into that. I guess I'm getting to old and scared or something. love riding trails, been riding for about 2 1/2 years, getting decent but no triples in my plans

thats all? Yak, how many bikes do you have? I see you riding a different one every time I go out riding. I must have hit my head too hard last time I crashed, some times when we pass I see two, three and sometimes four of you :D come on reno people, speak up

Hummmm????????? anybody out there going to ride in northern nevada this weekend?

I'm from Sparks. Hungry Valley is my backyard. I'm pretty sure I've been on every trail there about a thousand times. Lemme know if you need a tour guide. Jason

I'm pretty familiar with the area, been riding peavine and dog valley alot the last couple of months. i like riding up there during summer and hungry valley in winter. let me know what your ride plans are and I'll try to make it out

I am in Reno. I just got my first dirt bike a couple weeks ago and have been to Peavine and moon rocks (neat place). Still just trying to learn how to ride w/o hurting myself.

let me know when you are riding next, we can meet up. where do you ride from when you hit peavine? I am planning on riding over to dog valley sat.

There is a staging area just off I-80. I think its at the business 80 exit at the east end of Verdi. You usually see guys buzzing around there when driving past on 80.

do you live in that area or just stage there? I sometimes go to keystone, but normally Hoge rd across from bonaza casino. You planning on riding this weekend? yamadoggy and Yak have you ever ridden in dog valley?

I dont get out that much.

I've been to that staging area in Verdi that turns into single track. Im not sure of the real name. I've only been there once. I think it might have been called Northgate once?

Then I've been to Prosser once a few years ago.

I have been to the Marysville MX track several times. The one under the overpass near the river.

I have countless hours at the Stead track.

I have also spent a little time in the mountains between Cold Springs and Reno. I believe thats actually peavine. Up around the antenna's at the top.

I prefer track to trails so I dont really venture too far off the beaten path. Its really fun when I do though, I just have trouble planning a trail ride when I dont have any idea where I'm going. And.... trails = no jumping :D

Hey guys... There is a site for locals called Not sure if any of you have used it or not. It is a way for locals to keep up to date on land use issues in the area and a way to hook for rides... just an FYI for ya.

Yak, anytime you might want to try a few trails, let me know. there are some really good ones not far from the antenna. Kenjagro on We are also trying to put together a group ride if anyone is interested.

I'm not totally sure if I've been to dog valley or not. I did start from peavine a couple of weeks ago and ended up way up in the trees NW of peavine. Sound like dog valley? I'd really be interested in a group ride out there. I race the local MRANN series, so I'm all set up for LONG rides. I love going for hours of riding without hitting a trail twice. This weekend won't work for me (been invited to a ride up in Janesville), but anytime after that would work great. I get off work pretty early in the day, so weekday rides work for me too. jason

Weekdays are out for me, kid duty. If I don't have anything going on the 27-28th maybe we can take a ride out there, some nice single track there. The Nvoffroad ride is still in planning and looks like late Sept. Desertroamer, ya gonna do any riding this weekend? Let's go

How many Reno area riders do we have? How often do you ride and where? Let's get together and ride sometime. Can't let Big Bob take over here.

Im living in reno for the next few years at least. came from Boise. I hit moonrocks twice a week every week. im game. if you see me im on a crf250r black and a little bit of red gear. i hit it alone since i moved here in april.

lets get together, let me know when and if you are riding this weekend. Sure is nice not being in the same forum as Ca. anymore, don't get buried by them.

Not sure if I can get out this weekend. If I can it would probably be Sunday... I'll stop back in later.

In Fallon and into long distance exploring to the east of here. Winter is best after a light snow and before the big dump closes the passes . You need at least 120 mile range.

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