Drz400s Compression Change?

I have a 03 DRZ400S and I have done all the mods that I could afford so far (dunlop 606 tires, 3X3 airbox, dj kit, 140 mj, 25 pj, extended fuel screw, modified stock pipe, uni air filter). I read that I could get a little more power by changing the compression with an E model base gasket. Is this mod worth the $40? Is the power increase even noticable? If I do this mod will I have to run 92 octaine gas or better? What will happen if I run 91 octaine gas (the highest that I can find at local CA gas stations) with this compression change?

Thanks. Will Magana.

It is one of many incremental changes made to a DRZ motor for more power.

Will you notice? I do not know.. How finely tuned is your ButtDyno? :D

es like an E, you would then need to run premium fuel.

I would not do this mod on it's own... But as part of a package.. cams, 13.5:1 piston, FCR, ect ect.

Sounds expensive. Guess I will have to wait until I save up some money so I can do all those mods at once. Thanks for the quick response Bronco.

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