2 stroke questions

i have a 2004 200EXC that i bought in february, and have been running silkolene comp 2 semi synthetic mixed at 40:1 since i got it. i want to switch to klotz because alot of people seem to like it, it's cheaper, and my riding buddies use it. will it hurt my bike to switch oils? i still have about 4 liters of silkolene, so i'm going to use this before i switch. this is my 1st 2 stroke, so i don't know very much at all about them.

how long does mixed gas stay good? i try to drain it after about 2 weeks, could i wait longer, or do i need to drain it sooner than that?

how long should a top end last on average? i was thinking a year or 2 for the amount of riding i do. i ride about 2 or 3 weekends per month during the summer, and not quite as much during the school year.

any advice is appreciated.


The gas is fine-In general you really should only premix what you are going to use immediately. It's more accurate and you don't have 5 gallons of mixed gas sitting around. You can switch with no problem, but I wouldn't mix the two oils too much if you can help it. A little mixing won't hurt. As far as how long it is good for, at least a month or so. My son did a science project on premix to see how long it would take any oil to separate-we used 9 brands of two stroke oil-none of them separated and that was after being agitated only once at the initial mixing. We kept the jars of mixed gas around for about 8 months and still no change so we just through them out.

As far as a top end-it would be a good idea to put a top end every year. It's pretty cheap and easy to do.

Your two stroke is pretty much bullet proof and will take alot of abuse that a 4 stroke wouldn't, but a broken piston is still no fun.

the only way it could hurt your engine is if you didnt drain your carby of the old gas, the reason being the oils have diferent properties and could seize ya bike- Well thats what id do.

Any longer than 3 weeks with the same gas and your pushing it. The gas looses its volatility after a period of time and can damper your bikes combustion, The oil also breaks down(not seperates) during this time.

If you want all the info you need go to www.ktmtalk.com

you will be fine...just dont mix two different types of premix in the same tank. the different oils can clot, so just drain your tank or run it dry before installing the klotz.

Either drain the old stuff out or run it out of gas before you put the different oil in it. It is just better not to mix oils. As far as how long to keep the your gas/oil mixture....I asked this to a knowlegable buddy that owns a shop and he said the mix will stay good, but the gas will natually loose octane over time. For a four stroke, lower octane isn't a big deal, but it can make the 2 stroke not run as well. I always try to mix what I think I am going to use and that means I may mix a couple batches for a ride. If I have some left over I just add some new stuff and ride on it. I haven't ever noticed any problems.

thanks for all of the replies. i dont know much about 2 strokes, so i'm constantly worried that i'm going to mess something up.

If you want all the info you need go to www.ktmtalk.com

i posted the same thing on ktmtalk, but decided to post it here too becuase there are more people usually on here and it will get faster responses.


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