Will I get sludge?

I have decided to switch to GN4 10-40 on the trans side. Only have 15 hours on the bike. I live in a very isolated town and it is near impossible to get the Honda HP trans oil. However, I have a stockpile of the GN4. :D Will I have any problems switching as far as incombatibility between the two? I have been changing it every other ride right now.

Why would you? that is what the book says to use...

Why are you changing it so often?

why wouldn't he change it often thats what your supposed too do :D

It wont hurt anything too switch back and forth :D


changing it as per a well trusted friend/mechanic/CRF450r cross country racer suggested. This guy has beat the living hell out of hes CRF's for several years now racing hard core. Never a clutch problem. I take his word as I gaze drooling at all his trophies.

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