Anyone using "Dial-A-Jet"

Has anyone ever tried a Dial-A-Jet. I am tired of the hassle of re-jetting everytime I go riding at high altitudes. I was just wondering if and how it works and if anyone has tried it. If it works as they claim it souds pretty sweet.

I use them on a sled with 33mm carbs and they work well on it. If I recall Burned will tell you not to waste your money on the four stroke.

hokie at best on 4 strokes.some people swear by them,but ive never seen one work as advertised.

on a 2 stroke it just works like a externally adjustable power jet.

I've got a dial-a-jet still in the box. So does my cousin and a buddy of ours. We all went for the hype and ordered them up but after looking at the product once it arrived and asking burned about it before installing it went on the shelf. I may try it but have read very little positive feedback except at their web site.

My buddy Sean uses one on his '98 XR400. He swears by it and I actually saw

him make an adjustment to it on the trail once.

We were climbing up to about 10,000 feet and the bikes were running a tad

soggy. When stopped to take a break, he adjusted it a click or two and

his bike ran much better.

Now, what works on one may not work on another. The DRZ is way more

advanced in the motor and carb dept. If Burned says no way, then that's

good enough for me.

Now, what does Burned think about that thingy that replaces the PAS so

adjustments can be made without removing the carb?

Sorry for the hijack.


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