250R to 450R

How many average weekend warriors out there are considering switching to a 450R? I am. What concerns do you all have. I really like the 250R, but it is a little weak in the hills and high elevations.

I just bought a 2006 CRF450R. I'll ride my 05 CRF250R in the tighter stuff and

the 450 in the more open areas. Looking forward to getting it setup for the woods.

I'm seriously looking at adding a used 250 2-stroke to the line-up. I'm definitely keeping the X though.

i've been on the fence for over a year now. most of my riding buddies are on crf450's. when we get into fun battles together, btw-we're all about even in ability, its tough to put some distance on them. when i'm riding in crazy mode, like winding up the motor, railing the corners, constantly shifting and keeping up my momentum, they seem to be riding in a more calm state of mind. it doesnt seem like they are working too hard. if i make 1 miscue out in front, they'll show me a wheel on the inside of a corner and then pull me a bike length down the straight to the next corner. then i'll get a face full of roost from their tire. i have only approx. 10 rides on my 05, and the rads are beat up already from their roost. :D

250f to me is more rewarding to go fast but can penalize you quick. a 450, just an extra burst of the throttle makes up for any previous mistake. when i ride their 450's it is easier and calmer. i just put the bike in 3rd and ride the whole track like an automatic. you just cant get crazy with a whiskey throttle or else it will send you off the track or onto the ground. i guess i have this mental hang up thinking the 250f is a bit safer than the 450. "the illusion of safety" :D friends think i should switch but i just dont want to commit.

when i watch them try to ride my 250f, they seem to be running around on the midrange and short shifting to 3rd a lot while shorting some jumps slightly and not having that "aggressive 250f style" needed to ride a 250f fast. surely shows me that they clearly have different riding habits since being on 450's. they rely on throttle to get them around not momentum. i wish they sold their 450's and picked up 250f's. it would be easy pickins then... :D

they rely on throttle to get them around not momentum.


that statement is the difference in a nutshell. I switched because I rely on momentum to go fast. The question you gotta ask is "what do you rely on to go fast?"

get a big bore kit, maybe even a 302 kit, then you have the best of both worlds

I ride trails not tracks. So I just dont want to worry about poping the throttle. Is it like a 2 stroke were you pop it and it kicks up right then. Or will you feel it coming and have time react.

will a big bore kit cause me to rebuild my bike more often. I thought when you mess with that stuff it becomes less reliable. is that true.

what do i rely on to go fast?

1. sticking it out with the same size bike, any (250f), and digging down within yourself to get faster all the while keeping "smoothness and safety" imbedded on the frontal lobe... :D

blackcreek- if you want a 450 for the woods, good luck my man. the extra weight alone is a penalty not too mention that the extra mega-hosepower can be as well.

a few years ago my friends and i would do some hare scrambles for fun. my bike of choice and it never let me down was the ktm exc125. it was an awesome woods weapon and believe it or not had good bottom for a 125. if i were to go back and do some woods again, my bike would be a ktm exc200 hands down. its got the best of both worlds. its light and flickable and has just enough power for critical areas and hills but its not that kind of crazy power that is overly taxing on the body. just my 2 cents...

i love hondas, but tell me about these ktm's. i see a lot of those things running around. price on parts, break down issues etc.

ktm two strokes don't have break down issues. And if it ever did all you have to replace is the piston-rings. You should see how much fun riding is when you don't have valves to worry about. the price for parts is steep for OEM, I'll be honest, but they never seem to break.

ktm two strokes don't have break down issues.

Just about every KTM fan I know raves about the engine power and the fact that they come equipped with lot's of added equipment from the factory. However, almost all brands have stereotypical weak points; even admittedly among loyal owners. If you had to pick 3 weak points to KTM 2-strokes in general, what would they be? The reason I ask is that a 200 EXC seems like a potential choice for me.

I was thinking alot about switching to a ktm but im not going to now. im going to probly buy a husaberg nexted time there owned by ktm but unlike ktm no one really has them. but i might just buy a crf 450 atleast i know there a good bike

u sound a little undecided there. r husenberg cluctches and shifters and kick starts on the other sides at all.

The only thing differnt about them is the exaust runs on the left of the bike

Being that I own both a KTM (300exc) and a Honda (CRF-250) I will tell you the weak points of the KTM; They dont turn as well as the honda and the suspension is not even in the same ballpark. Having said that, I just rode a new KTM SFX-250, and KTM has finally got the turning issue handled on this model. -- Now if they could just get the boingers to work, they would be awsome. I have done alot of work to both of my bikes.


fleshwound i like the black rims. i have them also and think totally makes it look different from the rest. i think red is pretty cool also. :D

whats a boinger?

I ride trails not tracks. So I just dont want to worry about poping the throttle. Is it like a 2 stroke were you pop it and it kicks up right then. Or will you feel it coming and have time react.

If you don't like the "hit" of the 450 you can buy a heavier flywheel to tame it.

I just retired my RM 125 to start riding an 06 Honda 450 so I know all about that momentum thing. You can compare all day long but it boils down to 2 very different activities. The Honda is like figure skating where the RM was more like hockey. The 125 definitely used up alot more energy causing me not to be able to ride as long. If I could ride 4 hard motos on the 125 - I can ride 6 on the 450. There's no doubt the 125s are a load of fun but modern day tracks seem to favor more of what a 4 stroke is capable of. I feel safer on the 450 where I was definitely taking chances on the RM.

For now I can say I'm very satisfied with the transition but then maybe ask me again in 3 or 4 months. I think time will tell.

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