Is anybody familiar with the MSR Carb Vent Kit?

I just found an MSR Carburetor Ventelation Kit that claims to solve the problem of stalling on the XR"s on jumps and so forth by rerouting the carbs vent tubes into the airbox, improving ventelation. Does anyone know if there is any validity to this? You can see it here>

I'd love to solve this problem without replacing the carb with a pumper.


It dose fix the studdering from jumping and "G"-outs but, dose not fix the "Kehin smooth bore kill switch". When you wack the throttle and there is that dead spot, lag that happens till the vacuum pulls enough fuel through the jets. Only a pumper fix' that.

When the bike (carburetor) moves down real fast, the fuel moves up and some blocks the vent tubes for a short time. The vent system moves the tubes up and makes them clear much faster making less lag time till the tubes clear. That is my take on it.

Thanks BWB63! Do think I need to buy this kit or can I just get some fuel line and fun it up into my airbox and seccure it there? I noticed the kit has some kind of filter on it, I can't believe that's really necessary.

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