Jetting by City and State?

Has anyone begun a thread or have some compilation on R/X jetting by state/City/area? I see a lot of posts about "What about where I live.: (yes, I was one). I ahve read all the jetting stuff and tried, really tried, to pay attention. But since the 2005 R is so painful to ge tthe carb out, I would love it if someone said "hey, I live in Cincinnati and tried several combinations on my R but this worked...". Some of us just want to be told the answer because a) we aint so bright, :D our time is ghastly limited by work, family, kids, soccer practice, football practice, new baby, overtime... oops I got carried away. :D

not sure if anyone has done this---

i live in nj. i ride in nj, pa, and ny state. i keep the same jetting.

this is what i am running in my 05 crf250

main- 162

needle- its the stock one in the 04 crf250- i dont remember the part number- 4th clip

pilot- 42

leak jet - 55

fuel screw - 2 1/4 out

running on mobil 93 octane super unleaded. no problems, good plug color. runs great.

jetting specs came from tokyo mods.

running chm sm1 pipe. filter cage screen is removed.

trying out my new big gun rev box saturday...

i know the feeling, ive got 2 kids myself -

This is a great idea! Someone needs to jump on this and make it happen.

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