Clicking noise at rear wheel of klx110

I have a brand new 2006 klx110. Sometimes the rear wheel makes a clicking sound. Similar to the sound my Xtreme made when the chain adjusters where messed up and the rear wheel wasn't straight. But my rear wheel is straight! no broken spokes, they all seem tight, but i haven't gotten my spoke wrench yet. The chain is kinda loose but that would matter. It happens alot when i go through this one deep rutted corner.

put the bike on the stand and spin the wheel and listen hard and look around the back wheel to see where it is coming from.

Thanx. Another this is that it is not consistent. It only happens at certain times in no certain patern.

do you have an aftermarket chain guide? this could be your sound....

my fifty did the same thing. i never found out what it was. it seemed to run fine. it only did it when i would attack a rutted corner. it never did any damage so you are probably fine, just keep an eye on it.

My friend had a brand new klx110 and he fell over in a corner and when he got up it started doing that. We propped the bike up on the kickstand and spun the wheel and the chain did not want to fall down into the rear sprocket. It was like the chain was stretched or something. Finally after piddling with it for a while he just started riding it agian and it ran fine and hasn't clicked since then

Ok thanx! i do not have a aftermarket chain guide all stock. So the general consenses is to leave it and it will be fine?

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