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To Run, or Not to Run... Cont....

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Well, Talked with the shop this morning, They put a new needle in it, and it helps they says, but there is still some mid-throttle missing, like its hitting the rev limiter at 1/2 throttle. He said he thinks its the internals of the carb that cant be rebuilt, and once you separate the inner part of the carb, the seals and gaskets swell up so they cant go back together and seal correctly. And there is no part number for the internals for the carb. He said that one of the things that leads him to believe that it is still an internal carb issue, is that even with smaller Pilot jets, he can screw the Fule/Air screw all the way in, and it still runs, doesnt die, just keeps running like nothing was adjusted. He was asking me if there was any way I could get another 426 carb just for a day in order for him to test and see if a new carb or diff carb will eliminate the issue.

My question is, I have a buddy with a 03 450, will that carb work for testing on a 01 426?

BTW, I verified with him that the carb slide isnt in backwards, and he rest assured me that they didnt put it in that way.

So, will a 03 450 carb work? If not, anyone got a carb for sale for an 01 426???

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