muddy creek raceway, Tn

Hey guys i live in Nc, and was wanting to go out and try muddy creek raceway. Do they hold open practice sessions weekly or anything not counting before big races. Also how is the track, i know it is big and fast but are the jumps challenging, etc. Thanks in advance.

They used to have a website. If memory serves, it is a Victory Motosports ran track. The operator was Sam Gammons.

no open practice but the next race is on oct 13, 14, 15, and 16th it is the last race of the mega series.. it is a super fun track... quite a few challenging jumps but nothing that is going to kill you if you don't make it, but check it out for your self at

do you ever ride center road or east bend? is so i might have seen you there

yes i ride east bend during the week, and sometimes on the weekend, and i also ride center road a lot too. I am number 17 on a yamaha. What number and bike are you, im sure ive seen you too.

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