Throttle cable routing on a '03 XR250R?

I swapped the bars on my '03 250 and now I can't seem to remember how the throttle cable was routed. Does it go over the bar or under it? I've looked at a few pictures from other bikes everyone seems to be different. Does anyone have pictures of bars/enduro-meter area in stock form?

This brought a chuckle to me but only because I just replaced the stock handlebars with protapers on my '02 XR250 last week and I couldn't remember the orientation of the throttle cables either. :D Aligning them underneath the bar wouldn't allow the brake lever assy to be moved far enough to the right no matter how hard I tried to force it. There's actually a pretty good picture/drawing of how it's oriented in the manual that comes with the bike. It shows the throttle cable assy aligned horizontally and on the rider's side of the bars. In order to make adjustments to the postion of the brake lever you might have to loosen the throttle clamp to move the throttle cables out of the way to get to the clamp screws for the brake lever assy. Having said all that, I did see the other day a used XR250 for sale at a local dealer that had the throttle cables on top. I guess whatever works. :D

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