Elsinore Big Step-up Double: what gear?

Okay, so I see from the "what tracks" thread that a lot of you admit to riding (sliding?) Elsinore.

On the "main" track, there is that big mother step-up double. I don't have the huevos to just go for it (seen too many guys leave it in the ambulance).

But, you who can :D , and who are riding crf450's, what gear/throttle do you use? What would you suggest to land on the flat table on top? :D What (more) does it take to land the down-ramp?

I too have not yet nutted up for that jump , but I would not try to land on top , if you bounce your done , when your ready just fallow someone off

top of third or middle of fourth , that jump is going to put you about 40 ft up & 100 out :D godspeed

3/4 throttle of 4th gear.

Best advice is to pace someone around the track. I have not attempted that jump because I have no balls, but a big brain.

I do like the huge table top and I had guys pacing me to figure out the speed needed to clear it.

That is the narly jump of the track... The table top after it is nice...

Yeah - the big show-off table is nice, as are all the rhythm sections.

Regarding the step-up, since it is a step up, the landing on top should be very smooth/light, right?. Of course you'd have to come in on the right approach. I've seen riders do this. If you were short however, the bouce could be very hard!

Now - if only the dirt could be improved...

Yeah they water those tracks to much and the get all rutted out and bumpy...

Can we get a pic of that jump?

I ride a stock 05 CRF450 and I hit that jump in 3rd gear probably 3/4+ throttle (depending on the wind). I have overjumped it several times but the suspension soaks it up really good. I would not recommend landing on top as it is a hard landing. Just pace someone who has done it to get a feel for the speed! My first time, I just pinned it and hoped for the best and I ended up landing it perfect! Narrow landing though so hit it straight!

so 3rd gear huh? no real problem to get the speed up out of the corner then.

wished the dirt was a little softer though - just in case... :D

Why don't you stop talking about it and just JUMP the damn thing?! :D

Just slowly work your way up to the top. When you're ready to go for the whole thing make sure you keep the throttle open a little when you land in case you clip the landing. This will keep you from going over the bars. Also, if you clip be prepared to bounce out to the trough of the landing. Don't do it at the end of a long moto when you're tired. You may need your energy to save it if you dork the landing. And, don't do it until you are ready.

Good Luck,

man, i rode on that track for the first time... jesus, i went 1/4 way and got off. those doubles and tripples are freakin huge.

TFB - you're right: I need to just quit pussin' around. seriously though, mortgage, kids, plus, I can't get out right now (too freak'in hot out there also), so, like sex, next best thing is to talk about it!

Be safe! :D

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