Fork compression bolt HELP

I'm trying to get the compression bolt off of my xr400. I don't have the rod holder. I spoke to the guys at race tech and they said you don't need it. Anybody out there done this before?

Let me know. I'm getting new springs and seals from race tech in the morning.

Thanks :D:D:D

You might get lucky and zip the valves off with an impact wrench but you will definitely need it when you go to put them back in and tighten them up. I made one out of an old piece of 3/4" copper pipe. Don't listen to some of the idiots out there that say just use an impact to put them back in. The last thing you want to do is strip out the bottom of the damper tubes. I don't even know where to begin if that happened and you needed to get them out. The manual shows a difference in the way the forks go back together from the 97 or 98 model and newer models. You can get an online copy of the manual at and read up on it. Let me know how it turns out.

I tried to get mine off with an air impact, but it just loosened and spun, since the locktite was holding it pretty good. I also made one out of a piece of pipe, but mine was just 1"? galvonize pipe, It didn't fit very good but it got the job done :D


Thanks for the replies!!!

I'll try the copper pipe on the other fork. I ended up using a socket with extension and got it off with the air wrench. What a F#^#%$ing pain in the A$$.

I'm changing springs in both and I needed to change a leaking seal on the left side. Do I need to change seals on both forks??? I have a few knicks on one of the forks the manual talks about using 600 grit sandpaper to polish. Anyone done this???

I polished my forks with a very fine 3M sandpaper I got at auto zone used for wetsanding paint finishes. I used 1000 grit and it seemed to work real well. You might want to get an opinion from the boys at Race-Tech as to what grit they recommend. I would replace both sets of seals and wipers while you have the forks apart and use OEM Honda seals and wipers. Also take a look at your bushings and see if they have any metal shavings. My right leg bushings had a ton from the lower aluminum guide at the bottom of the fork tube. Apparently something got in the forks and must have lodged down there because this piece was all scraped on one side (either that or it was not perfectly aligned) and the resulting aluminum shavings contaminated the fork oil and ended up in the slider bushings, a real ugly mess. Hope this helps,


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