Goggles to fit Shoei VFXR Air

I know this is a silly question, but what Goggles does anyone with a Shoei VFX-R helmet use. I'm having trouble finding a brand that fits the eye port. I currently have Pro-grips which are too big and restrict breathing through the nose. :D

Try the Oakley O-frames. They aren't too pricey and seem to fit. My friend has the shoei also, and he wears spy. Stay away from scott, since they dont seem to fit in the face of the helmet. I loved Arnette's, they fit in the helmet, fit my face, and were very comfortable......for some reason the shops stopped carrying them.

Good luck

Try Spys. I've got a large-ish nose and a while back when I had a helmet with a small eyeport I tried several brands of goggles, had the best luck with the Spys.

Oakley O-Frame's or Spy.

Cheers Guys. TT response is always excellent :D

Utopia Dirty MX.

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