Naughty BRP

I thought I'd go for a bit of a trail bash to test my new lower gearing. Put on all the gear to make me invincible and after puffing myself out getting it started, off we went. Now I should add that we have had a very wet and cold few weeks here in Aus, in fact it's recently snowed in places where it shouldn't.

I found this beaut track a couple of miles from my home which I've never bothered taking the Blackbird down and figured it would be good fun on the XR. I was a bit hesitant as it looked a bit muddy but ol' dooger was itching to get dirty so I really had no choice. It started of good, big power wheelies and mud being tossed out the rear across the other side of town, what a rush....

It leads to the top of rather unassuming hill which disappears into rather deep valley and running creek. Carefully does it now holding front and rear brake and inching my way down when BRP decides that she'd rather do an about face and do it backwards. By this time I was a passenger and, although still in gear chugging away to get traction on the now, slick knobbly, still sliding backwards down the increasingly steep and now rocky hill. It ended when I bailed out and BRP, unable to stay upright without me fell over, laying across the hill and tank facing down it.

Okay so far, no injuries to bike or me but getting it upright and started, even using the remembered starting guide on here, is another story in itself. remember this is a VERY steep hill. Eventually got it to the bottom, now with the option of a bottomless running creek (Should that be river?) or an interesting thorn bush bank with a goat track. I took the goat track only to end up bogged to the axles in quicksand like mud. (It looked okay!!!).

Got a moblie phone but not sure I want to call anyone I know..ha ha, anyway none of them have a chopper with a winch on it. I was thinking at the time it's probably the only way this BRP is going home from here. Longer story, but eventually laid it down and after some two hours got it out. Totally buggered by this stage and with various bits of my protective gear left at strategic parts of the bank. Still faced with the now impassable bank, a steep hill without enough grip to come down let alone get back up and a bottomless creek. I chastised her for being so stupid but she couldn't have cared less and decided that swimming was the go. Amazing, this part of the creek had a bottom, but it was up to the seat by the time we found it and BRP never missed a beat, simply leaving the other side with a huge wheelie and a very relieved owner.

Home now, grinning...and buggered but I figured someone might get a laugh out of it.


Glad you made it out without the helicopter :D

a cold beer tastes better after an adventure like that!

I ended up in a similar situation 15 miles in the desert, a uncontrolled descent down a rocky canyon wall and no easy way out, bowling ball sized boulders and large bushes for a 1/2 mile every where, (damnation alley) no way back up the canyon walls, it was the longest trials ride I've ever done, I was beat after that. It sure is nice when you see civilization again.

At least she didn't break down, Great XR reliability......... :D


&%$#@! Your Problem Is That You Aussies Have The Handle Bars On The Wrong Side Of The Bike

Gday Mate

Where In Aus R U I Stayed In Nsw Woy Woy For A While

Where In Aus R U I Stayed In Nsw Woy Woy For A While

Where In Aus R U I Stayed In Nsw Woy Woy For A While

:D Where In Aus R U I Stayed In Nsw Woy Woy For A While

one more time :D

thats where nos would come in handy :eek::eek::eek::D:D:D

I live in the Adelaide Hills, which is in South Australia.

There is a mixture of twisty sealead and un-sealed roads with undulating terrain around Adelaide and several hundred miles to the north is the Flinders Ranges and further still, desert. All good riding stuff if you know where to go.

Just not when it rains..... :D

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