Valvetrain noise?

Well, I finally got my 04' yzf450 running :D . What a ride. I absolutely LOVE the power spread this thing has. :D Anyhoo, I was wondering about the valvetrain noise. It is very noticable when approx 1/4-1/2 throttle. Is this typical on these bikes, or is it cause for concern? I have owned 2 DRZ's, and they didn't seem quite as noisey(the timing chain ran on the same side as the exhaust though, so maybe that masked the sound?) Anyways, I can't wait to go riding again. This thing ROCKS!

You may need to put the noise into perspective. I personally don't know about that year, but I know that Yammies are a little noisy (though most reliable). Maybe it's worth popping off the valve cover and take a look at your timing chain and cam gears. Better safe than sorry.

Does it have a skid plate? If it does, you'll hear a lot more noises compared to stock.

I hope it's nothing. Good luck.

I've noticed at work that in particular the WR/YZF 450's and CRF450's can sometimes be a little noisy in the top end. Not all of them, but some for sure. These are all brand new bikes i'm talking about, so maybe the noisy ones were shimmed on a Friday afternoon? :D I did notice my 426 got a little noisier after fitting the 450 cam, but it is shimmed spot on, and runs awesome, so it didn't overly concern me.

I would geuss that what you're contributing to valvetrain noise is actually intake noise, these machines are very loud from intake noise alone.

Does it have a skid plate? If it does, you'll hear a lot more noises compared to stock.

True, after I installed my Works Connection skid plate I noticed off idle a ringing noise. After searching through some posts I thought I had some loose flywheel bolts. Not so. I didn't use the rear brackets for the skid plate because they wouldn't go on straight...I was hearing the rear end of the plate vibrating on the frame. It had me worried there for a second.

i hear a noise on the right hand side off my motor that kinda sounds like a rattle but ive rode it for like 20hours and it hasent got worse so i quess its normal :D thanks for the help

i have just bought a yz450f and it seems noisey on the top end and you dont need to pull de comp lever to start it is that the start of something nasty

The 450's have an auto decomp system. The lever you are refering to is a hot-start lever. It just makes it start easier when it's hot & you stall or drop it.

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