Petcock and Exhaust during riding

I took out my recently purchased 01 YZ426 today, and came across 2 things that could be a problem. The first two times out I noticed that I kept catching the petcock with my boots and turning it partially off. Also I noticed some melting from the boot on my Big Gun header..Has this happened to anyone else?

It may have just been my riding style taking some time to get used to the new setup of the thumper...

I would see about putting a guard over the header portion near your foot/boot to prevent this like how it is on a stock exhuast. My bike has an after market header and the previous owner welded bolts to the outside of the pipe and then made a custom guard out of a flat piece of aluminum with holes drilled to slid over the bolts.

you can see the guard in my avatar to the left

For the petcock, you can do like the factory teams and shave off the handle on the petcock so the gas flow can only be turned on or off with pliers. This works well.

Get a heat-shield for your header.

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