400SM carb swap

I just brought my 400sm home, I know the carb bites, I may know a guy parting out a z400 quad... is this the same FCR39 that is on the 400E bikes?

No. The quad carb is the same as yours.

With proper jetting and the 3x3 mod, your carb is pretty good. But there may be better options depending on the type of riding you do, and how much money you have.

I tend to flog the crap out of my DRZ in the dirt and (mostly) in Supermoto form, so I opted for the FCR 39mm carb. However, it isn't nearly as forgiving as the Mikuni. As we like to say, the FCR is a "tuners" carb. If you'd rather not mess with fine jetting adjustments on a fairly regular basis, you may prefer the Mikuni.

With that said...aside from the supermoto wheels, the FCR is the single most impressive modification I've made to my DRZ.

What else do I need to put an FCR39 into my bike? A buddy just emailed me and said he had one that was on a ktm he has laying arround.

MY 400sm has some little electrical connection going into it. if I get an FCR that does not have this, can I still use it?

Yes...That is for the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor)...It's not necessary...I can plug/unplug mine with no noticeable change...The basic FCR39 is just fine (without TPS)...You can get one through

CARBURETOR PARTS WAREHOUSE for a very good price new and they'll jet it how you want...

OK, sho what else do I need?

Throttle cables off DRZ400E?

Carb boots for bolth sides of the carb?

Intake off drz400e?

Sounds like you have the basic list. You may not need the carb intake for the DRZ. The one off the KTM may be the same or close enough to work. I bought a WR carb and made the mistake of buying a new DRZ intake housing the one on the WR carb is almost exactly the same just a tad longer. The KTM carb should have a TPS already. It should plug right in.

You will need 2 boot clamps also. One for each end of the carb. You can reuse the other 2 clamps.

You should order up jets / needles etc. you will need also. www.sudco.com . Sudco will priority mail all the parts to you so you have them in 2 days. Do some research on the forum on jetting and look into the PAS mod also which you can buy from Sudco.

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